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Joan HarrisThroughout the careers and the decades, reading remained a joy and a priority. Along the journey, Joan realized the delight in reading with children. Combining that joy, occasionally, with her interest as a therapist in reducing childhood bullying and violence the idea of the Read to Me – Talk with Me series of books began.

Joan is a member of the Florida Writers Association and the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. In both 2013 and 2014, she was honored with awards in the Royal Palm Literary Awards competition.

The Princess, The Prince and The Dragon is her first book to be published. A sequel, The Royal Dragon Goes to School will be published shortly. Joan also writes fiction for adults and memoirs. She continues to live in what she often labels as near paradise – New Smyrna Beach with her husband Charles.

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A Princess, A Prince, and A Dragon

Prince with DragonWhen a prince asks a princess, who is very bored, to go on a ride to round up dragons, the princess readily agrees. On their journey they meet a very strange dragon who is very different from what they expected.

He acts like a dragon, but he has unusual talents and requests. The prince and the princess do conquer him, but in ways that surprise the reader.

Upcoming Book in the Series: THE ROYAL DRAGON GOES TO SCHOOL

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The Royal Dragon Goes to School

The Royal Dragon Goes to SchoolBilly Bob, The Royal Dragon, lives in a castle with his friend Princess Betty Lou Sue. Billy Bob is a very different dragon who wants to go to school to learn to read.  The Princess and her friend Prince Arthur Jim Ray help Billy Bob get to school where he meets a bully. He deals with this problem in a most unusual way.

Recent Book Review:

“The Royal Dragon Goes To School” is a sequel to Joan Harris’ “A Princess, A Prince, And A Dragon.” Billy Bob, dragon extraordinaire, now lives in the royal palace. He wants to go to school and learn how to read. Because he looks different, Billy Bob is bullied and made fun of, something many children face in school. In his special, human-like way, Billy Bob teaches us what to do when someone is unkind. Joan Harris’ personal experience as a parent of four sons, grandparent of thirteen grandchildren, and work as a marriage and family therapist enable her to talk about a sensitive issue that some children face today. Discussion questions at the end of the book facilitate interaction between child and parent or educator. Elementary age children will enjoy “The Royal Dragon Goes To School.” Margot May, Ph.D., retired elementary school teacher, guidance counselor, and principal.

A Princess, A Prince and a Dragon Go to Camp

A Princess, A Prince and a Dragon Go to CampThe Royal Dragon Billy Bob had no idea what a summer camp was when the princess suggested he should go during summer vacation. He was excited and fearful at the same time. When he discovered that three close friends would be his tent mates, he was very happy, and even more so when he saw Prince Arthur Jim Ray was the camp leader.

During the day he seemed happy as he dealt with new adventures, even the adventure where he has to overcome his greatest fear. This is a very charming story all children will love. They will probably be singing the little song the campers sang at the end as they remember what Billy Bob did.

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