A Princess, A Prince and A Dragon

Prince with DragonWhen a prince asks a princess, who is very bored, to go on a ride to round up dragons, the princess readily agrees. On their journey they meet a very strange dragon who is very different from what they expected.

He acts like a dragon, but he has unusual talents and requests. The prince and the princess do conquer him, but in ways that surprise the reader.

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Billy Bob is a very happy dragon, living  at the palace with the princess.  He has many talents: playing the kazoo, making shish-ka-bobs and s’mores with his firey breath, but he wishes he could learn to read.  Come join the fun as the prince and princess try to find a way for a very, very large dragon to fit into a school bus and a classroom.

Recent Book Review:

Joan Harris’ tale of a prince and a princess who go on a journey to capture dragons will intrigue children’s hearts with fact and fantasy.  The dragon’s human characteristics of barbecuing, singing, dancing, and playing a kazoo make Billy Joe Bob, the dragon, even more loveable.  But wait, there’s one dragon characteristic that will absolutely grab hold of children’s hearts, and it’s even more unusual than his human qualities.  Art, creative writing, and discussion activities at the end of the book make for imaginative interaction between child and story.  A Princess, A Prince, And A Dragon will be enjoyed by children who dream of being princes and princesses, and by children who have never given that a thought.  Elementary age children will take pleasure reading, imagining, and creating adventures of their own after reading A Princess, A Prince, And A Dragon (primary grades).

Margot May, Ph.D.,
Retired elementary school principal and teacher

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